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Socks industry, in March next year, Shanghai has about!
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The twelfth Shanghai international stocking Trade Fair will be held in March 2017 1-3, the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall once again held a grand!

Shanghai international hosiery Fair (English abbreviation: CHPE) to the "professional, high degree of internationalization, exhibited good effect, professional procurement people" features, renowned Chinese and foreign, is the domestic and foreign socks industry trade cooperation and technical exchanges, an important platform for industry information collection.

CHPE2017 the beginning of the work, get a positive response to the hardcore exhibitors, booth order is very warm! At present, the United States Bonas Wells, red maple, topology, beauty, yarun, hande, Kimberly, Jinxiang, Bantian, Wella, nine, Sell, Wang, Hua Jiayi, man posture, butterfly, butterfly orchid with art, Huayi, okuhen, ang, Yongxin, Zhuji business association, Taiwan Bay Hosiery Association and other well-known enterprises to determine the booth, booth sales completed 90%, is expected by the end of October booth sold out. From the current exhibitors CHPE2017 can be seen in the exhibition CHPE2017 socks industry has two major characteristics: one is the exhibition area, which may cause the booth late supply situation; two exhibitors displayed fashionable, functional socks, socks and socks with intelligent technology will become the highlight of the perfect CHPE2017. "Innovation to lead the development trend of CHPE2017 in turbulent Penghu worship!

China is a sock producing country, with an annual output of more than 13 billion pairs of socks, and the annual rate of 5-8% increase, the next 5 years, the growth rate is expected to reach 20%, although the sock is small, the market is huge. However, with the development of economy and science and technology, the change of people's consumption idea, what kind of changes will be in the market demand of socks industry? What is the future development trend? How to innovate and develop in the fierce market competition and change? CHPE2017 will be a comprehensive interpretation of trends of innovation and development and the future development trend of socks, Hosiery Market interpretation!

Eleven years ago, the Shanghai International Trade Fair for socks, opened the curtain of the professional exhibition of the socks industry, from then on, the sock industry people have their own event. Eleven years of history, is the history and socks industry with the development of the course, is growing with the socks, eleven stick, witnessed our socks industry from small to large, from weak to strong development process. Today, CHPE is not only grow into the socks industry, wind vane, is also accompanied by the sock industry counterparts, an inevitable agreement every year!

In 2017 March, the twelfth session of the Shanghai international hosiery Fair will add a wonderful bloom, spring is the largest.

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