Tips for matching stockings

The choice of stockings should not be perfunctory, but it is not easy to choose a reasonable choice according to your own characteristics and dress style. You'd better know the tips for choosing socks. Here are some for your reference:

   1. If you are a tall woman, brightly colored stockings such as bright yellow and sky blue are the most suitable for your beautiful legs.

   2. Transparent stockings are only suitable for women with slender legs.

   3. Women with thick legs should wear dark, straight or thin striped stockings. Because these will produce a sense of contraction, making the legs look thinner.

   4. Fashionable and avant-garde girls always wear complicated clothes, so the stockings on their legs should be simple and refreshing.

   5. For professional women who are busy at work, choose some pure color stockings. Just remember the basic method of dark clothing with dark stockings and light-colored clothing with light-colored socks.

   6. A shirt with simple tailoring and clear colors can be matched with silk stockings with slightly detailed patterns to add some refreshing and moving feeling.

   7. When wearing evening clothes at the event, a pair of stockings with a bone on the back makes the elegant and generous style particularly prominent. But when wearing this kind of stockings, remember not to twist the back bone line, otherwise it will be extremely disrespectful.

   8. The color of stockings and shoes must match, and the color of stockings should be slightly lighter than the color of leather shoes.

   9. If the color of the shoes itself is very bright, try to choose socks that are close to the base color of the socks or darker colors on the shoes.

   10. Large floral patterns and opaque stockings are best matched with flat shoes.

   11. Stockings with small patterns and transparent patterns are best matched with high heels.

   12. White stockings and white shoes are not suitable for general body types. Because it is easy to look fat and short, it should be avoided. Office workers don’t even want to wear colored stockings, it will make people feel frivolous and lack a sense of stability.

   The combination of clothing, in addition to the clothing itself, also depends on the collocation of many accessories, in order to show a better overall effect.