Introduction to Bamboo Charcoal Socks

As a new product, bamboo charcoal socks have emerged in the socks market. The main reason is that the product has many unique advantages.

Bamboo charcoal is mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elements. It is hard in texture, dense and porous, and has strong adsorption capacity. Its adsorption capacity is more than 10 times that of charcoal of the same volume, and its mineral content is more than 5 times that of charcoal of the same volume, so it has a good The function of deodorization, antiseptic and odor absorption. Nanometer bamboo charcoal powder also has good antibacterial and sterilization effects. Bamboo charcoal can absorb and neutralize the acidic substances contained in sweat to achieve the effect of whitening the skin. Moreover, bamboo charcoal is also a good far-infrared and negative ion emission material.

In addition to the above advantages, bamboo charcoal fiber also has antistatic and anti-electromagnetic radiation functions due to its own characteristics. In addition, the bamboo charcoal fiber also solves the serious confusion of needle grinding when the negative ion fiber is processing fabrics. Bamboo charcoal health-care fiber is a raw material that can emit negative ions and is processed without damaging the equipment. Well received and favored by processing customers, the advantages of bamboo charcoal magnetic health-care fiber not only solve the bottleneck of garment fabric processing, but also satisfy people's diverse choices of health-care products. The fiber market has a bright future. The development and utilization value is huge.

Bamboo charcoal socks are woven from this fiber. Therefore, in the try-on tracking, it is found that bamboo charcoal socks have a two-way mediation effect. "When the environment is humid, it absorbs moisture to dry; when it is dry, it moisturizes and prevents cracking. Some people also call bamboo charcoal fiber. Another form of air conditioning fiber.

This shows that bamboo charcoal socks will definitely make a difference in the future market!