All kinds of socks

Nylon stockings have been popular for half a century because of their higher strength, better abrasion resistance and better elasticity.

Core-spun yarn is the most popular stocking raw material in the market. It refers to the spandex core-spun yarn formed by covering or winding on the spandex yarn with nylon yarn. It has the advantages of high elasticity of spandex.

Velvet stockings are all made of one-way core-spun yarn or two-way core-spun yarn. The woven socks have high elasticity, soft feel, fine and transparent than nylon stockings, elegant vision, high durability and abrasion resistance, a little matt, and warmth.

Ultra-thin velvet socks are woven with high-tech superfine fiber and fully elastic silk, which is softer than hair. The texture is dense and delicate, the touch is silky, crystal clear, and has good air permeability.

Lycra (LYCRA) is a new type of fiber introduced by DuPont in the United States. This fiber can be stretched very easily, but it can be tightly attached to the surface of the human body after recovery. It has very little binding force on the human body. Knitwear adds a little Lycra, It fits and is comfortable, stretches freely on the body, and can move with you. The elasticity and resilience, color and breathability of socks containing Lycra will have better performance.

Tactel is a high-tech polyester amine fiber developed by DuPont. It is soft to the touch, good in air permeability, and comfortable to wear. The fabric made of Tactel is fine, breathable, soft, comfortable and wrinkle-resistant, and the fabric shines brightly. , The clothes are as new every day.

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